So I have four puppies I’d like to bring to the U.S. but, because of quirks in the Turkish Airlines booking system, I can only bring three.

Here is how it goes:  You can’t reserve a space for an animal in the hold without having purchased a ticket.   Once you have your ticket, then you can request a space in the hold. But, guess what, if someone else has already booked an animal, or animals, your request will be denied.  If you try to have them check if there would be room on a different flight, they cannot tell you if there would be room on that flight without you first changing your flight, and paying a hefty fee. Russian roulette — I could change my flight and then  be told that I can’t even bring the three that I currently have on that flight?    The writing is on the wall, I can only bring the three.

Now, truth be told, the fourth was an “extra”, a starving pup who managed to stumble into the vet’s compound.  That is, he has a home, of sorts, along with the other seven that are there, so he will be fed and cared for.   But that is about all.  No one to dote on him and make him a member of their family as the other pups I have rescued now have, and as the three for whom space on the aircraft has been approved will hopefully have.

But really …. who in the world ever heard of someone not being able to check if there is room in an airplane for someone one, or some pet, prior to the owner booking the flight?   That would be like saying, “Oh, we can’t confirm that there is a open seat on the flight you want until after you have paid for it.”

Of course, I had this problem with Delta in the U.S.   I booked my flight, then tried to reserve a spot in the cabin for one cat, but there were already two booked.  Ended up having to pay an arm and a leg in additional miles, only to get an economy ticket when I had had a first class one for less than what the second economy ticket cost.    The airlines all advertise how pet-friendly they are, but pet owners (or rescuers) beware,  there are a lot of technical glitches standing in the way of one’s pooch or kitty actually making it onto the same flight that they are on.