Again, out of sequence.  This post is taken from my crowdfunding campaign page on, but does belong here as it is the story of yet another rescue of mine who made the personal choice to be rescued.   She appeared out of nowhere like a white ghost, suddenly standing at my side in the…Read more »

Scholar by Day, Beggar By Night

Sorry, this post is out-of-sequence.  I have been remiss in finishing several blog posts. It was my first “dogless” evening walk after I had finally accepted the fact that I could not continue to manage three growing dogs in my apartment on my own.  They were fine at home, but taking walks had become a…Read more »

Just Rewards

I realized as I sat and listened to my landlord go on and on about all the damage that my cats caused, knowing the reality that they had never  been in the room about which she was complaining, that I was being confronted by a depth of fear and disgust of animals the likes of…Read more »

It’s Christmas…

Well, I have several half-written posts which, when posted, will provide more background for this post, but I felt like this one needed to be posted on the day it occurred. It’s Christmas,  my neighbor Sorbon, as I fell weeping in happiness into his wife’s arms, who threw her arms around me and held on…Read more »