Fly the Friendly Skies

What time will the flight to Kathmandu leave?   I asked knowing full well that regardless of what the ticket agent might say, he had no idea.  Could be on time.  More likely it would be late.   The question before me whenever I travel by air in Nepal is not will the flight will be on…Read more »

Bad hair days

Today I woke with a smile on my face.  A good night’s sleep for the first time in several days had washed the cobwebs from my mind, it was clear, ready to leap with an open heart into whatever the day had to offer.   Quite a contrast to yesterday, when I was in the throes…Read more »

It takes a village…

The apartment is quiet tonight as the dogs have gone to their home-away-from home as I prepare to travel to deliver another training in eastern Nepal for another week.  I haven’t had to wipe up any dog pee, or rescue the TV remote from the jaws of someone who has mistaken it for a chewing…Read more »

Lord Shiva’s home

I am not sure whether this gradual rising feeling of terror in my chest is due to the less oxygen in the at 13,000 feet or because  my mind is slowly registering that am suspended in a plane not much bigger than a mosquito by some unseen force.  I can hear the engines and feel…Read more »

Dusty love

The gray dust of Kathmandu and its neighboring “suburbs” is ubiquitous.   It is everywhere.  I remember now with fondness the red dust of Rwanda that used to drive me nuts. It had a rich depth to it that the gray dust of Kathmandu does not have.   Now the black shoes that were always tinted red…Read more »

Eye Candy

For someone who likes specialized fabrics, a trip to the sari store is nothing short of miraculous.  As breath-taking as the cascades of colored lights falling off the buildings for Tihar (celebration of light), the walls of the sari store are a brilliant mosaic of color from floor to ceiling. The colors are blinding, yellow,…Read more »