Tell me now, what don’t I know?

So far, my attempt to create a regular teaching schedule has been a quintessential example of a “low context” culture person encountering a “high context” culture and losing the fight.   My first challenge was that, of the two semesters of students, second and third, the second would not actually start until the halfway through the…Read more »


Ani, Abhi’s voice spoke reassuringly after having answered almost immediately when I called.  Apparently my name must flash across his phone when I call. Yes, Abhi, the dog is here again today. And the words I had been praying to hear from someone ever since I first fed her filled my heart with hope.  Of…Read more »

Spirit in Action

You are a Rwandan resident?   The Rwandan customs agent said to me just one month ago after reviewing the visa in my passport. Yes, I equivocated, rather than tell him that, although my passport said I was a resident, I was actually only back in town in transit, that I was leaving Rwanda tomorrow, possibly…Read more »

From Rags to Riches

I moved into my new apartment in Kathmandu today.   Given the level of pollution when one is near street level, I am happy to say that I am on the third floor of a very nice apartment building.  The view on my rooftop, where I will hang my laundry to dry, is spectacular in all…Read more »