Just Rewards

I realized as I sat and listened to my landlord go on and on about all the damage that my cats caused, knowing the reality that they had never  been in the room about which she was complaining, that I was being confronted by a depth of fear and disgust of animals the likes of…Read more »

It’s Christmas…

Well, I have several half-written posts which, when posted, will provide more background for this post, but I felt like this one needed to be posted on the day it occurred. It’s Christmas,  my neighbor Sorbon, as I fell weeping in happiness into his wife’s arms, who threw her arms around me and held on…Read more »

And what did I do this weekend?

I’ve decided to let an email that I just sent out to the team overseeing and/or collaborating with me on my work project speak for itself about what I have been up to this weekend.  Another treatise on the  nature of  working in a cross-cultural context. __________________ Hello everyone, As with all new projects, there…Read more »

Why am I here?

Once again, I am entering the third month of a new appointment without having actually begun any work.   I am beginning to see a pattern in all this, although its origins still escape me.  In each location, I did what I could to generate work for myself.  In Rwanda, I wrote lessons for teaching English…Read more »