When Yesterday Is Today*

I first set foot on the continent of Africa in 1971.   Exchange students from all 9 University of California campuses were loaded onto one plane and sent to Europe, from where we all were divided into smaller groups and sent on to our specific countries of destination.   Mine was Kenya.  I was part of a…Read more »

They are our future*

His name was Brez, although I didn’t know this when I first saw him.   Another  two year old boy at the bus station, wearing a mustard T-shirt, and cute little miniature sports shoes, was waiting for the bus with his mother and father.  Like Moses, he too was intrigued by a bin of sweets and…Read more »

Molasses Wednesday: Letting Go*

So last week, Peace Corps Rwanda finally decided relocate me to another work site where,  hopefully,  there  will be students and/or faculty with whom I can work.  I don’t think that they realized that the college where I was assigned was not accredited, and I don’t think people at the college  expected students to suddenly…Read more »


About a week and a half ago, someone from Peace Corps Rwanda called to see if I was interested joining a team of two-year volunteers who were editing the new curriculum for Rwandan public schools for week-long workshop.  The project sounded interesting and, since there were still no students at my work site to teach…Read more »