May I help you learn to fish?*

“I agree with Mr. Njabo.  I don’t think we should be treating Africa as a continent in perpetual need of handouts.  I think we should do as he says and find our own solutions.” “Yes, I agree, in the long run, but other countries outside of Africa have skills that we do not yet have,…Read more »

Paper Clips – Large *

“Do you have large ones like these?”  I say, pointing to a small paper clip.  I had already forgotten the rather long and complicated word for paper clip in Kinyarwanda.    “Do you know Lingala?   You should know Lingala.  It’s the language spoken in the Congo, where I am from?   Do you have a husband?  You…Read more »

The Rattling of The Chains*

My final 2500 character entry for the World Nomads travel-writing competition…. I gaze at the massive spire of Christ Church Cathedral on Unguja Island, Zanzibar, as it reaches apologetically towards cotton candy-like clouds that climb hopefully into the brilliant azure sky. “Is it trying to escape the traumatic history from which it rises in elegant…Read more »

The Sultan of Zanzibar*

So, some of you may wonder why I have been so silent lately.  Well, actually I have been quite chatty, I just haven’t been talking to you.   That is because I have been busying myself  with other audiences:   planning a workshop for my new job at the University of Rwanda, writing about my profession…Read more »

Everything is not what it seems…*

Forty-two years ago in Tanzania, I experienced my one and only ever in my life meltdown in public.  It was in a bank in Dar-Es-Salaam.  I don’t remember what the transaction was, probably the cashing of a traveler’s check.  I know it was not a complicated transaction, like a wire transfer, heaven forbid.  No, it…Read more »