Forever Homes for Asian Pups

I have finally accepted what is. I have become a PPP (Pied Piper of Puppies). Whereas I used to rescue every cat in sight, it is dogs who are coming to me while I am in Asia and I realize that I just need to let go and let whoever is responsible for orchestrating my…Read more »

Who is really wealthy?

When I left the U.S. to go to Rwanda in 2017, I didn’t expect to be gone more than a year, possibly two if I stayed a second year in Rwanda.  I didn’t anticipate finding myself in three different countries in as many years, nor did I expect two partially failed work assignments in a…Read more »


And there is Ashan!  my host at the apartment when I first arrived said as he waved his hand in the direction of a big neon sign behind the building in which we now stood, on the 10th floor. All I could see was AWAH although, the W did  look more like an upside down…Read more »

Bhakti Boo-Bear

Iiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiiyiyi!  A heart-stopping squeal tore through the evening air. I stopped typing and listened. Silence Shiiit.   Was that an animal?  Iyiyiyiyyyiiyiyiyiyi!    Again the same cry. Maybe it’s a bird, I thought desperately, afraid to look out my window to the street below. Iyiyiyiyyyiiyiyiyiyi!    Nope, definitely not a bird. I reluctantly got up and looked out…Read more »