English For Journalists

For those of you who are interested in what I am doing for my work here — and yes, it has finally started — go to:   https://englishlearningforjournalists.weebly.com/.

My reflections are under the reflections tab.  I guess I have two blogs now and since the other one has the principal purpose of providing lots of contextualized language for my students, it will probably have more postings than this blog will have for awhile.   When I am not teaching, I am writing the curriculum for the course, so all in all, it’s a lot of writing.   And, of course, when I am not writing curriculum or reflecting on my experience using it or writing about my personal adventures, which seem to center mostly around animals these days (new posting on cats in the works), I am still writing Tajik.  My understanding of the grammar is coming along quite well, and I love figuring it out (once a linguist, always a linguist, I guess), but as for speaking, not much and even less when it comes to understanding the average person I might meet on the street.    Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers and for the first time, I have a great tutor who is as happy to be helping me as I am to be helping her son and her husband with English.  Now her four-year old daughter wants to join in the fun, so what was once 60″ with the son, is now going to be 30″ with him, 25″ with dad, and 5″ with the young lady who, until now, has thrown a tantrum almost every day when her mother leaves her with her dad to work with me for an hour.    She is as stubborn as my first puppy, something upon which both her mother and I agree.