When the drama queen steals the show

Mr. Jones advised that the entire contents of your home is contaminated and the house is not habitable.  What can I say?  This sentence in an email from my neighbor who supervised an inspection of the new army of tiny moth-eaten spots that invaded my home, seemingly over night hit me like as if it…Read more »

Share the Wealth

How much does it cost to vaccinate one adult dog for rabies? 300 rupees ($2.60). Saturday, after teaching a workshop at the Himalayan Society for Youth and Women Empowerment (HSYWE), four of my students and I went to visit the Swayambu Stupa, an important spiritual site in Swayambhu, a suburb outside of Kathmandu.    A stupa…Read more »

The cat’s meow

Another contest.  For Behr paint.  They are going to send someone around the U.S. to look for new colors for their palette.   Their first color explorer, as they have named their future choice of renegade, who will go out into the far reaches of North America, to tread where no one had set foot before,…Read more »

Shakti’s Second Chance

Note:   This is the sequel to another post, The Kindness of Strangers, in this blog. Shakti is coming home tomorrow, I told the shopkeeper whose family had befriended her several months and were providing her with a place to sleep on their porch and feeding her, although I had taken over the job of providing…Read more »

Turning inside out

Caveat:   If you’re not an educator, this post may not be of much interest!  🙂 How many of you have children?     Hands go up. Do your children know how to walk?        Hands go up. How did they learn to walk? Silence. ….  (What does this have to do with teaching? )   I  imagined their thoughts.…Read more »

The Kindness of Strangers

The cool night air whispers against my cheek as I sit in the dark with her, listening to her breathe.  Tucked away in the corner of a dusty store front, I watch the night, and listen to the sounds that surround her every night as she sleeps in her new found place of safety and…Read more »