Bhakti Boo-Bear

Iiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiiyiyi!  A heart-stopping squeal tore through the evening air. I stopped typing and listened. Silence Shiiit.   Was that an animal?  Iyiyiyiyyyiiyiyiyiyi!    Again the same cry. Maybe it’s a bird, I thought desperately, afraid to look out my window to the street below. Iyiyiyiyyyiiyiyiyiyi!    Nope, definitely not a bird. I reluctantly got up and looked out…Read more »

Oh ye of little faith…

After two years of living in extremely trying environments, albeit for completely different reasons, the housing gods have finally interceded on my behalf, although I admit, I had to give them a little push when the realtor took me out apartment-shopping. There is apparently a plethora of different fully furnished, including linens and dishes, apartments…Read more »