Lord Shiva’s home

I am not sure whether this gradual rising feeling of terror in my chest is due to the less oxygen in the at 13,000 feet or because  my mind is slowly registering that am suspended in a plane not much bigger than a mosquito by some unseen force.  I can hear the engines and feel…Read more »

Dusty love

The gray dust of Kathmandu and its neighboring “suburbs” is ubiquitous.   It is everywhere.  I remember now with fondness the red dust of Rwanda that used to drive me nuts. It had a rich depth to it that the gray dust of Kathmandu does not have.   Now the black shoes that were always tinted red…Read more »

Eye Candy

For someone who likes specialized fabrics, a trip to the sari store is nothing short of miraculous.  As breath-taking as the cascades of colored lights falling off the buildings for Tihar (celebration of light), the walls of the sari store are a brilliant mosaic of color from floor to ceiling. The colors are blinding, yellow,…Read more »

In Memoriam

Caveat:   This is a long one, 20 years is a long time. Do not attempt to read it at all if you do not like cats.   You should not have released an intact male back into the city.    My new acquaintance, and part of a network of “cat people” in San Francisco who dedicate…Read more »

Happy hopeful homes

It is true that most of the houses in Nepal are of the same basic 12-15 ft by 12-15 ft cement block style.  It is also evident that the advent of cement must have been transformative for the entire country.  It is also true that most of the cement buildings are fairly plain and those…Read more »

Alice in Wonderland

This week, I finally got out my camera, well, my iPhone actually.   I had carried a camera and the iPhone to and from Rwanda, without taking a single picture.  My first months in Kathmandu suggested that the same would be true in Nepal.  In a heartbeat, all that changed. The perception of color is, for me,…Read more »

Token of Love

Thank you aniji. It’s our pleasure to help you. Personally, I’ve found you so kind and helpful than I had thought before. We’re really blessed to have you here. We’re sure our preparations won’t discourage you. We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. It is I who am blessed to be here.  Thank you for…Read more »