And what did I do this weekend?

I’ve decided to let an email that I just sent out to the team overseeing and/or collaborating with me on my work project speak for itself about what I have been up to this weekend.  Another treatise on the  nature of  working in a cross-cultural context. __________________ Hello everyone, As with all new projects, there…Read more »

Why am I here?

Once again, I am entering the third month of a new appointment without having actually begun any work.   I am beginning to see a pattern in all this, although its origins still escape me.  In each location, I did what I could to generate work for myself.  In Rwanda, I wrote lessons for teaching English…Read more »


So I have four puppies I’d like to bring to the U.S. but, because of quirks in the Turkish Airlines booking system, I can only bring three. Here is how it goes:  You can’t reserve a space for an animal in the hold without having purchased a ticket.   Once you have your ticket, then you…Read more »

Forever Homes for Asian Pups

I have finally accepted what is. I have become a PPP (Pied Piper of Puppies). Whereas I used to rescue every cat in sight, it is dogs who are coming to me while I am in Asia and I realize that I just need to let go and let whoever is responsible for orchestrating my…Read more »